Top 5 UK Cities for Ping Express Users

The United Kingdom is a popular place for expatriates from around the world to relocate. Steeped in history, the country has a lot to offer anyone.

There are a lot of wonderful places to live in the U.K. We know from our clients who send pounds to Nigeria from the U.K. that there are five cities that top the list as popular places for expats:

  1. London. It’s not surprising that London tops the list of U.K. cities popular with expats. It’s full of incredible landmarks, beautiful parks and green spaces, and is a diverse city that people from all around the world have chosen to make their new home. With 659 square miles across 32 boroughs plus the City of London, the sheer size can be overwhelming for some people. However, the famous tube (subway) and other public transportation options make getting around surprisingly easy.
  1. Birmingham. The city of Birmingham (called “Brum” by locals) is the U.K.’s second largest city offering dynamic opportunities for those who choose to relocate there. With a range of good schools, Birmingham is popular with international students from around the world. As is also the case in London, Birmingham has a top-notch public transportation system making commuting to school or work simple.
  1. Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland has the second-strongest economy in the U.K., after London. With fewer than 500,000 residents, Edinburgh is ideal for anyone who wants the opportunities that come with a big city, without the sprawl and crowding that can come with it. The seat of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is popular with expats from Poland, Ireland, China, India, Pakistan, Germany, Australia, France, South Africa, Nigeria and Canada.
  1. Coventry. Located about an hour away from London, Coventry offers expats a lower cost-of-living than available in the Capitol City. With two universities, Coventry is popular with international students, and is deemed one of the U.K.’s safest regions.
  1. Manchester. Last but not least, Manchester rounds out the list of the top five cities for expats in the U.K. A lively city with a rich history, two internationally-known football (soccer) teams, Manchester is at the same time very modern and very historic. At Castlefield Heritage Park, visitors can see part of the original Roman settlement, Mamucium.

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