Send Money to Nigeria from UK Online: How Banking Has Changed

Improvements and advances in modern technology affect most of us in our daily lives in a multitude of ways. One of the areas that has evolved over the past several decades is banking.

This is great news for expatriates who need to transfer money internationally. If you are currently living in the UK but want to send money to loved ones in Nigeria, the process is significantly faster, less expensive and easier today than it was in years gone by.

How Banking Has Changed Over the Decades

Changes to the way we conduct our banking transactions have emerged gradually, but there have been some enormous strides in several areas:

  1. Waiting in Line. Anyone who banked in the 1990s or earlier probably recalls waiting in long lines to see a teller at the bank during regular business hours. To someone who never had to wait in line, this probably seems extremely inefficient and inconvenient (it was!) With just about any type of transaction available online now, waiting in long queues has, thankfully, become a thing of the past.
  2. Data Security. Banking security used to simply mean keeping the bank’s vault secured. With online and mobile banking taking center stage today, the focus has shifted to ensuring customers’ funds and data are protected. Fortunately, banks and other financial institutions take this obligation seriously.
  3. Contactless Payment. Being able to make a transaction without paying cash or swiping a physical credit card is a trend that’s been gathering steam over the past several years. Whether you are using Google Wallet or another application, you can pay for a growing number of things simply by tapping your phone against the retailer’s technology.
  4. Customer Service. Up until about ten years ago, customer service from your bank often meant having a business relationship with a banker, conducting business and resolving issues face-to-face. The shift to electronic banking is changing that, so financial institutions have had to find ways to adapt by providing customer service in new ways (such as through online real-time chat windows.)

Ping Express Embodies the Modern Way of Banking

At Ping Express, we believe our service fits in well with the new, modern way of conducting banking transactions. With online apps and information, security protocols and low overhead costs, we are positioned to offer our customers a refreshing money transfer experience.

Choose Ping Express to Send Money to Nigeria from UK Online

If you have not had a chance to use Ping Express yet to send money to your family or friends in Nigeria, you owe it to yourself to explore just how it works. After downloading the free Ping Express app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store, you can send money in just a few simple steps.

To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question that wasn’t addressed, please contact us online.

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