Send Money to Nigeria with Ping Express

When you need to send money to Nigeria for friends or family there, it’s important to explore all of your options. You could use a traditional bank or money transfer service. Instead, you could choose Ping Express – an online money transfer service.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a traditional bank is going to be your best option; using an online service can be superior for many reasons. An online service provider that┬áspecializes in transferring money to Nigeria will be able to provide a customer experience that is designed to meet your needs.


First, understand that banks are not primarily in the business of facilitating money transfers to Nigeria. Traditional banks provide a number of wonderful services, but it’s difficult to be great at everything you do. Banks’ primary sources of revenue are tied to their deposit business (checking and savings accounts) and the interest earned when they loan money to consumers.

When you choose an online money transfer service provider, you can be confident knowing that money transfers are what the company does (and what they do well.) Transferring money internationally to Nigeria is not a side business for Ping Express; it’s what we do.

Limited service offerings

Because money transfers are not banks’ primary service, and because of increasing regulations and risk associated with transferring money to Nigeria, many banks only offer wire transfers. In other banks, you’ll find more complete money transfer services, through a partnership with an online service provider. Still, you’re not getting the benefits that come from using a mobile provider directly.

Most banks simply have not devoted the resources to building out mobile money transfer capabilities. This can mean that the customer experience is more difficult and frustrating, and can mean that consumers end up paying higher fees for a less convenient money transfer experience.

Choose Ping Express When You Need to Send Money to Nigeria

When you choose to send money to loved ones in Nigeria using the free Ping Express mobile app, you can bypass the inconvenient banks and other service providers. Because we specialize in helping people send money from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to Nigeria, you will find that the entire customer experience is tailored to what you want and need as a consumer.

Getting started is fast, easy and free. First, visit our website to view our short “How it Works” video. You’ll learn how easy it is for you to send money to Nigeria, and how easy it is for the recipient to receive that money. Next, you will want to visit either the Google Play Store (Android) or the iTunes Store (Apple) to download our free mobile app on your smartphone or tablet computer.

Soon, you will be ready to start sending money to family and friends in Nigeria any time, day or night – even on weekends and holidays! There’s no need for you to leave your home or office. With the Ping Express app, you can send money from anywhere you have a connection.

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