How to Send Money to Nigeria Online with a Mobile Wallet

In the digital age, everything seems to be changing. Even how to send money to Nigeria online. One idea that a lot of people are excited about is mobile wallets. You’ve probably heard of this trend, but if you’re like most people you probably want more information. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is basically an app on your phone that saves all of your financial details. For example, you can put information from your bank cards or credit cards in your mobile wallet, but you can also add frequent shopper cards or discount programs to the mobile wallet.

The most common examples of mobile wallets are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, but there are lots of other options. If a mobile wallet doesn’t come built into your phone, you can usually download an app that offers that service.

How Do You Use a Mobile Wallet?

To use a mobile wallet in person, you can basically wave your smartphone over a device in the shop and enter a PIN (secret code). Then, it gets the information from your mobile wallet to process the payment.

If you want to know how to send money to Nigeria online with a mobile wallet, the process is just a little different. Rather than waving your phone, you usually put in a user name and a password.


How Do Mobile Wallets Work?

Generally, with mobile wallets, you specify a primary payment source. When you use your mobile wallet to pay, it uses that payment method first. If no money is available, it goes to the next payment source.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to send money to Nigeria online or trying to make a purchase at the corner shop, it always works this way.


Are Mobile Wallets Safe?

Mobile wallets are extremely safe. Unlike physical wallets, there is no risk of losing it. If you lose a physical wallet, someone can easily take your cards and make purchases. With a mobile wallet, no one can use it because your phone is locked, and they won’t be able to get in.

In addition, you can disable most mobile wallets remotely. That gives you an extra layer of security.

Most importantly, when you’re using the mobile wallet, the funds are transferred through encrypted messages. All of the data is basically put into a code. That makes it virtually impossible for any hackers to access.


Can You Transfer Money to Nigeria with a Mobile Wallet?

Wondering how to send money to Nigeria online with your mobile wallet? You may be surprised at how easy the process is. To get started, find a service like Ping Express. Then, select your country and the country where you want to send the money to. Finally, specify the amount you want to send and enter your payment method. Instead of using a credit or bank card, just use your mobile wallet.


If your friends or relatives in Nigeria have a mobile wallet, you can send the funds directly to their mobile wallets. Ready to get started? Then, jump on the Ping Express website now, or make it even easier with the app.

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