Send Money to Nigeria Online with These Budgeting Tips

In order to send money to Nigeria online, you first have to save up some money. Ideally, you need a budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun. There are ways to keep your social life active and your fun levels high while still saving money. Try these tips.


Create a Dinner Club

Sharing meals with friends can be really fun, but going to different restaurants all the time can also be expensive. To save a bit of money, consider creating a dinner club. Everyone in the club can host a dinner, or if one person likes to cook, everyone can chip in a little money for groceries and let that individual handle the cooking. Both options are cheaper than eating out.


Trade Babysitting

Paying a babysitter or a childminder can be expensive. Whether you need child care so that you can go to work or go out with friends, you may want to find creative ways to reduce these costs. In particular, consider trading with a friend. They can watch your kids sometimes, and in return, you can watch theirs. As an added bonus, the kids all get to play together so it’s fun for them as well.


Get a Bicycle

Do you spend a lot on gas or petrol? Do you spend too much on bus or train fares? If so, you may be able to eliminate those expenses if you invest in a bicycle. There is an upfront cost for this, but over time, you will save so that you can send money to Nigeria online.


Look for Free Fun

There are all kinds of ways to have fun without spending any money. Most local zoos, museums, and a range of other facilities offer free days. On those days, anyone can go without playing an admission fee. You may also want to explore local parks in your area, find places where you can hike for free, or look for free concerts.


Opt for the Cheaper Alternative

Unfortunately, not everything is available for free, but in most cases, there’s a cheaper alternative that you can try. If you like movies, don’t go to the movie theater. That gets expensive. Instead, sign up for a streaming service such as Netflix that has a low monthly cost. You may even be able to find a theater nearby that shows movies that are almost out on DVD/Blu-Ray for $1-2 per showing. You can also rent new releases from Redbox for around $1.59 per night at your local grocery store. You may even try visiting your local library and signing up for a library card to rent movies to watch at home. Don’t forget you can also rent books, magazines, and other items from the library, as well as using lots of other services for free.

If you love trying new restaurants, try to do that on the cheap. Many places have happy hour where they offer deals on drinks and snacks. Otherwise, you can make the experience less expensive by skipping drinks and ordering from the appetizer menu.


Sticking to a budget doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. Use the above ideas or any others that you can think of to save money while still having fun. Then, when you’re ready to send money to Nigeria online, do that with a company like Ping Express that offers low rates and fast service.

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