Ping Express Means No More Wondering “How Can I Send Money to Nigeria?”

Many expats find that starting a new life in a foreign country is exciting, but one of the first questions they ask is, “How can I send money to Nigeria?”

If you’re looking forward to sending some of your earnings back home to support your family, you’re not alone. The World Bank reports that $429 billion dollars is sent between countries each year. As technology advances, companies like Ping Express have developed ways to make it easier and more affordable to send money back to Nigeria. We believe that once you’ve given our service a try, you’ll never again wonder “How can I send money to Nigeria?”

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Ping Express offers both a mobile phone app and a website service you can use to initiate money transfers. With just a few clicks, you can select how much money to send and where it should go, and before you know it, your money is off. All you need is the bank information for you and your recipient. Your money will reach its destination in as little as a few hours. You and your recipient will both get an email letting you know when the money has arrived.

What could be easier?

Low Fees and Great Rates

When you send your money back home, you know you need to watch out for two things: the exchange rate and the transfer fee. New expats are often surprised by how much money it can cost to send an international wire transfer through the bank. In fact, you could be paying $50 or more when you use a traditional wire transfer service. Financial institutions also take in some profits by offering you poor exchange rates.

That’s not how Ping Express operates. By sending money online and by only allowing debit card or ACH transfers, we’ve been able to reduce our expenses, and we pass those savings on to you. It’s easy to see how much your money transfer will cost when you use Ping Express. We are also proud to offer great exchange rates. You can even compare our rates with those of other companies directly on our website.

Our clients love that they’re able to make the most of their money. You’ll never again have to worry about losing money to fees and exchange rates. Most people are happy to send these savings on to their families back in Nigeria.

Get Started Today

Stop wondering “How can I send money to Nigeria?” It’s easy to sign up for an account with Ping Express. All you need to do is fill out the form and agree to our terms of service. Before you can send your first transfer, you’ll have to submit a picture ID, but that’s incredibly easy to do with the mobile app. When we receive that, you’ll be able to send transfers wherever and whenever you like.

Whether it’s your first time transferring money from the US to Nigeria or your fiftieth, it’s time to give Ping Express a closer look. We know that you’re going to love what you see.

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