Ping Express Offers the Best Rate Money Transfer to Nigeria

If you’re working hard and trying to save money to send to your family in Nigeria, you don’t want to pay a lot in transfer fees. Luckily, with Ping Express, you get the best rate money transfer to Nigeria. Here’s why.


Ping Express Is Exclusively Online

To get the best rate money transfer to Nigeria, you may want to work with a company that only has a presence online. Ping Express falls into that category. When a company only exists online, it saves a lot of money on overhead.

Ping Express doesn’t have to pay rent to have offices. We also don’t have to pay wages to lots of customer service employees. All of those savings get passed to you.


Digital Process Leads to the Best Rate Money Transfer to Nigeria

In addition to saving money by not having physical locations, Ping Express also saves money through our digital process. Not having to do paperwork means saving money on printing and paper, but it also help to streamline the process.

When you transfer money digitally, specialized software handles the transaction. Humans don’t have to read the paperwork and type details into their computers. That saves even more money.


There’s a Focus on Nigeria

Many money transfer companies send money all over the world, and that dilutes their focus. Ping Express also allows you to send money from the US, UK, or Canada, and focuses on sending money to Nigeria and Ghana.

By focusing on these areas, the company is able to find cheaper and more efficient routes for sending funds. Using Ping Express, you can send money from the United States, Canada, or the UK to Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, and as a result, Ping Express believes that it’s important to offer these clients as much value as possible. Unfortunately, other companies don’t see the issue the same way.


Commitment to Value for Clients

The points above explain how Ping Express can offer cheap rates to its clients, but it’s also important to consider why. The answer is simple: Ping Express is committed to its clients.

We want to ensure that you can send money (or airtime minutes) to your friends and relatives as cheaply as possible. Ping Express isn’t interested in making lots of money per transaction because we are more interested in building relationships with our clients. The company makes the process easy, and that’s why it attracts so many repeat clients.


No Extra Fees

Another reason why Ping Express offers the best rate money transfer to Nigeria is because we don’t charge any extra fees. When you get to the website, you can just look at the exchange rate, and that is the amount that you pay. You don’t have to worry about any additional fees.

In contrast, if you do a bank transfer, there may be fees from the recipient’s bank as well as any other banks that the funds pass through.


Want to help your friends and family? Trying to find the best rate? Then, try Ping Express today for a money transfer. You can do it online or download the app to make it even easier.

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